ETA-16/0101 and Eurocode 5


We ensure product quality! Variable staples with european certification

The European Technical Approval is a widely recognized proof technical usability of a construction product within the meaning of the Construction Products Regulation in the Member States of the EU.

Staples with European Technial Assesment for staples as wood connecting fasteners, a construction product that in all European Member States is recognized and admitted.

  • Definite head lancing parameters for fiberboard insulation
  • Definite useful life of staples = 50 years
  • Specified materials for the staple base and the connected component for example fibreboard, oriented structural board, drywall, gysum fibreboard Staples are approved throughout
  • Europe More safety for users
  • Unlimited validity of the admission

Staple certification for wire Ø 1,52 - 2,0 mm up to 170 mm length in versions :RF = stainless steel, material no. 1.4301SV = strong galvanized, 12 μm galvanizing 

Staples length for connecting of fiberboard insulation with WP staples up to 170 mm Crown is possible from 8,8 - 30 mm

While using PREBENA ETA-staples continue to apply EN1995-1-1 (EC5) and product standard EN14592.




The Euro code 5 is also called EN 1995-1-1 and

  • replaced DIN 1052 as previous norm
  • deals with the design and construction of buildings made of wood
  • was designed for European unification in construction.
  • to facilitate intra-European trade

Pin-shaped fasteners such as nails and staples are part of the Euro Code 5. By the National Annex the Eurocode 5 will be country-specific supplemented. In the National Annex determined parameters for each country can be added.

This norm has been created as the framework for the assessment bases, and also determines new requirements for the pin-shaped fasteners, which are regulated in the product norm EN 14592.

  • Use of fasteners according to their surface coating for various applications
  • Stricter requirements for the fasteners as per DIN 1052
  • Description of the climatic conditions and the moisture level of the wood by three different utilization class
  • Utilization class are distinguished by PREBENA color codes

The product standard for pin shaped fasteners is DIN EN 14592 and regulates:

  • Test methods
  • Requirements
  • Quality controls

for example nails, staples, screws, etc.. 

After passing the approvals, they will be confirmed by a certificate of conformity.
Therefore the CE mark must be used.

The fasteners are tested for their mechanical properties and
guarantee the right product for the application.

PREBENA fasteners carry the CE mark and meet the requirements of EN 14592.

PREBENA technical information for Euro Code 5  

as a print version or PDF file, can be ordered in our contact form if you provide details of your address

Die technischen Datenblätter der Befestigungsmittel finden Sie hier:

Stable Type L
Stable Type Q
Stable Type WP
Stable Type Z
Round head trip nail Type RK
Round head coil Type CNW
Round head coil Type CNF
Coil nails Type PR
Half head nails Type CNH
Anchornails Type ANK


Here you will find the Declaration of Performance for staples:

Declaration of Performance - staples.pdf 

Here you will find the Declaration of Performance for nails: