Pneumatic industrial staplers MODUL

With the pneumatic industrial stapler MODUL PREBENA is a part of the industrial sector of the fastener industry. In automated production plants, the PREBENA modules contribute to prefabricated house industry or comparable processes. This is why they are designed for the processing of staples type WP and Z, which correspond to Eurocode 5 and are especially suitable for timber construction.


With the BDI + MODUL 11-Z64 – a mobile module for the production of large-scale wooden constructions – PREBENA demonstrates the versatility of the devices and the innovative strength of the company.


BDI+ MODUL 11-Z64 show details

MODUL 11-WP130

MODUL 11-WP130 show details

MODUL 11-Z64

MODUL 11-Z64 show details

MODUL 11-Z80

MODUL 11-Z80 show details