The most portable Type "Compressor"

mobile system for all pneumatic devices up to 10 bar (142 psi.) - mobile and independent

Cordless Air Technologie. Always one step ahead!

The PREBENA PNEUMATIC MOBILO 900 is a professional solution for anywhere, pneumatic air is needed.

Application Areas

Unlimited possibilities of application - just connect the pneumatic device and action!

The PNEUMATIC MOBILO 900 is a mobile system for ALL Pneumatic Devices such as pneumatic nailer, tyre inflator, silicone presses, spray gun, chisel hammers, air blow guns, screwdriver, angle grinders - all of these and many more.

The PNEUMATIC MOBILO 900 is perfect for everyone.


  • Refillable Compressed Air Cylinder KT-900
  • HD-Controller up to 10 bar (142 psi.)
  • In a metal case 

The delivery of PNEUMATIC MOBILO 900 occurs in a metal case with a HD-Controller up to 10 bar (147 psi.), a delivery of a high pressure HD-Controller up to 23 bar (334 psi.) is also possible. The functional package is provided with a compressed air output in order that an air hose can be directly connected to the metal case. 

For comfortable working PREBENA offers a shoulder strap as accessory. Further you find for own refilling of the compressed air cylinder with fill station PKT-TWINTEC 400 the filling hose and the delivery plate as accessory.


Technical Specifications

PNEUMATIC MOBILO 900 with 9 l (1.98 gal.) compressed air cylinder KT-900:

  • HD-Controller with continuous adjustable operating pressure up to 10 bar (142 psi.)
  • Environment friendly by using a refillable Compressed Air Cylinder
  • Totally unaffected by temperature or weather
  • Weight including metal case: 13,3 kg (29.26 lb.)